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Who We Are and What We Offer.

Centrix Contact Systems LLC is a global brand headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Our primary goal is to bring cutting-edge ISO service to large or small sales organizations. We are unique in that we offer every service you need to get your ISO off the ground or ISO running cost effectively. Our ISO services include large and small calling for B2B appointment, custom build call center build-outs with plans, and full recruiting solutions for your office.

Getting your ISO off the ground should not be so hard or expensive.

Whether your business has fifty staff or is a single person practice, we focus on creating a custom plans for your ISO to succeed at a fraction of the cost of in-house services. We pride ourselves on professionalism, quality, & effectiveness; let us work with your office and help grow your portfolio.

Acting Efficiently, Thinking Growth.

With our Centrix Training Center, we have the ability to create custom packages to fit your office needs and requirements. Why sacrifice price for quality? Our custom programs can fit you for single seat needs all the way to full office and contact center solution. Our B2B appointments as well as full recruiting services are proven to grow your business, at a fraction of the cost of in house solutions.

Our Pricing is 30-40% less than even offshore solutions for customer service. We focus on long term savings.

Per Caller Centrix Competition In-House Center
Hourly Rate $6.60-$11.50 Per Hour $9.75-$15.00 Per Hour $10.00- $18.00 Per Hour
Min Monthly Cost $1,096/ Month $1,560-$2,400/Month $1,600-$2880/Month
One Time Set Up $499 $750 $1500-$2500
Monthly Data IT/ Fee $99.99 $100-$125 $150-$200
Appointment Quality Sometimes
Low Set Up Cost
Direct Communication & Training
B2B Industry Knowledge Sometimes
No Commission Bonus Sometimes
Ability to Grow Fast Sometimes
Total Cost $1,195.99/ Month Minimum: $1,660.00 + Bonus/ Month Minimum: $1,750 + Bonus + Operation Expense/ Per Month

Centrix Training Center

We are now offering professional certification courses for marketers interested in studying sales and service. Our course includes a full week of training from top-level teachers in the industry. You will earn a CTC certificate that can be used to add onto your resume and will entitle you to a job interview at our call center or a partner marketing office.

There are several types of courses, from basic calling up to professional sales. Find us on Facebook and get more info today! (KATHMANDU NEPAL OFFICE ONLY)

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